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Complete Installation of Type 1 Exhaust Hood and Duct System. Design, Permits and Inspection in Maryland

Restaurant Kitchen Hood and Fire Suppression System Installation of Washington DC Maryland

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Restaurant Fire Systems of Maryland Virginia Washington DCRestaurant safety inspection for restaurant ventilation and fire prevention systems.

 Ansul Restaurant R102 Fire Suppression System Service Repair of Washington DC

ANSUL R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System Installation Inspection Service Washington DC Maryland

Restaurant Fire Suppression System Inspection Service near Washington DC

  • Test and clean all fusible links brackets and detectors
  • Verify automatic shutdown valves, audible alarms, and mirco-switches
  • Check cylinder pressure charges and weights
  • Check for changes in hazards and appliance lines
  • Check remote pull station operation
  • Clean, blow-out and inspect agent piping and system nozzles
  • Check hydro-static test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses

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Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Fire Suppression System Repairs and Installations of Washington DC Maryland

What do fire suppression hood inspectors and maintenance professionals do in Washington DC?

When you have a fire suppression hood inspection performed in Washington DC, we will send a certified testing and inspection professional to check your system for proper function. We will check to see that the hood is clean, dry, and streak free, both inside and out. We will check the hood globes to make sure they are free of water damage. If needed, we will also repair the system to ensure it’s working properly.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Installation for all food establishments. 

Design, Install, Inspection, & Permits.

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