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Food Truck Exhaust Hood with Fire Suppression Packages - Washington DC Virginia Maryland
Concession Carts, Trailers, and Mobile Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Fire Suppression Installation Packages near Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland

Concession Trailer, Food Truck and Carts of Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia 

Concession Food Truck Trailer Exhaust Hood Fire Suppression Systems near Maryland Virginia Washington DC

We install new exhaust hoods in concession trailers, food trucks, carts, and mobile applications to meet Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and local requirements. Providing complete designs and custom hood fabrication to fit your need!

Exhaust Fabrication & Kitchen Hood Systems for Concession Trailers, Food Trucks, Carts, Mobile Kitchens, and much more near Maryland (MD), Virginia(VA), Washington DC (DC)  Restaurant Owners installed by Captain Fire Protection.

Needing to get your mobile kitchen outfitted to pass fire and safety inspection across the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC Metropolitan region?

We manufacturer and install ventilation hood systems for all mobile kitchen concession trailers, food trucks, carts and much more across Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC region. All systems are different in which we provide custom designs, floor plans and many ventilation hood options for cost and efficient solutions.

Concession Food Truck Hood Fire Suppression Systems in Maryland Washington DC Virginia 

Concession Food Truck Trailer Carts Exhaust Hood Fire Suppression System Sales near Washington DC Maryland Virginia

Providing the designs and installation for complete concession trucks, trailers, and carts with ventilation hood and fire suppression systems across Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and the metropolitan region. Fabricating custom and quality ventilation systems, we supply kitchens to all mobile applications. Contact (240) 771-3473 today.

Custom Food Truck Hood System near Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia

All Type 1 Concession/Food Truck Hoods with have integrated fire suppression systems designed for use over cooking equipment to remove heat, smoke and grease laden vapors. Constructed of 18 Gauge Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Filter and Exhaust fan includes low profile mounting curb, so your fan wont hit any bridges.

Food Truck Exhaust Hood and Fire Suppression Installation near Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland