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Maryland Fire Prevention Systems is a service provider for the Takoma Park, Maryland region. Servicing all aspects of restaurant fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and exhaust hood systems in Takoma Park. Schedule your next service, installation or repair of your restaurant fire system today ! (240) 771-3473

If your business is needing a estimate on your restaurant hood fire suppression system design, installation, modification or inspection  in Takoma Park, Maryland call (240) 771-3473

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We have been offering complete fire protection services for more than 20 years to restaurants in the Takoma Park, Maryland region. Our primary focus is safety – we want to ensure that your guests, employees, and property are safe against potential fire dangers. Our customer-first reputation is our pride, and we will do everything we can to ensure your valuable and property are protected from potential fire hazards and to make sure your building is compliant with fire safety codes and regulations.

Kitchen Hood Inspections in Maryland

Visually inspecting conduit and appliance location, plenum nozzles and duct
-Examining the positioning of detectors and link line
-Checking the fire system automatic actuation by cutting the terminal test link
-Testing the pull station
-Verifying gas and electric shuts off upon activation of the system
-Replacing center link housings and fusible links
-Ensuring the pressurized tanks gauge is at proper levels
-Internally inspecting non-pressurized tanks for signs of corrosion
-Examining cylinders to verify and record the hydro test date
-Monitoring the regulator to verify and record the test dates
-Replacing the system cartridges when needed by the manufacturer (this is usually done at an extra charge)
-Removing and cleaning nozzles to make sure they aren’t clogged as well as replacing nozzle caps
-Testing all of the electrical interlocks (fan interlock needs and electric shut-offs may vary by local AHJs)
-Inspecting the copper tubing and piping for tightness
-Recording any apparent deficiencies found during the inspection proces

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When you need a kitchen fire system inspection, repair, or a second opinion, contact Maryland Fire Systems in the Takoma Park, MD region. We provide the highest quality equipment, service and experience for all consumers. Specializing in kitchen fire suppression system design and installation, we will also provide efficient and cost effective preventive maintenances on all major brands of kitchen hood fire suppression systems services near Takoma Park MD.

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Maryland Fire Systems will test the detection line, replace the fusible links during each inspection, check fuel shutoffs, and the remote pull station. Then, we will verify that the nozzles are properly located over the appliances and check the test date of the system. We will update the service tag and a Commercial Cooking System Service and Inspection Report will be sent to you and the local Fire Department. This service work meets NFPA 17A 96 requirements in the Takoma Park, MD region.

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